Automation TECHNologies
for smart devices

Technologies that turn ideas into products

The most important asset of XENON specialists is their broad technological competence and experience. Throughout our longstanding history we have accumulated a wealth of specific expertise in the assembly and testing of mechatronic products.

This has resulted in the creation of an expansive technological platform, starting with classic pick-and-place and joining procedures that are partially supported by robotics, and leading up to automated construction and connection technologies. From there we are able to design specialized machines at the highest level of competence. In that context, the use of standardized technology modules to configure customer and product-specific assembly lines gives these stations the characteristics of a serial product.

A particular strong point of our company is the ongoing advancement of technical competencies in combination with modern Industry 4.0 Technologies.

Der wichtigste Erfahrungsschatz der XENON-Mitarbeiter ist die breite Technologiekompetenz.

Automation & Technology Portfolio

Automation Assembly Injection Molding Automation Digital Service Robot Automation Inspection Automation Seperating Packaging Cooling / Heating Cleaning Feeding Bending Joining Handling Dispensing Identify Marking Testing


    XENIOS®, the smart software solution for
    complex automation requirements.

    Key Features & Benefits

    • Time and cost reductions by equipment configuration in one system
    • Increased productivity through optimized process control
    • Minimization of downtimes due to intelligent machine analysis
    • And much more...
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