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Power electronics play a central role in the generation, conversion and use of energy. It converts electrical energy into the form required for the desired application - whether in photovoltaic inverters, chargers for electric vehicles, for driving electric motors, for heating materials or even for lighting.

In recent years, many new applications for power electronics have emerged. Often, the requirements for performance, efficiency, service life, costs, installation space and weight are also increasing.

Our comprehensive know-how in the automated assembly of mechatronic components enables us to develop and optimize effective assembly and process solutions in the field of power electronics for the production of rectifiers, inverters, DC converters, AC converters or frequency converters.

We offer flexible automation solutions that meet individual product- and customer-specific requirements in the production of power modules and can be optimally combined with standard equipment.

Functions & Components

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Global Power Generation

The role of renewable resources in power generation grows at an accelerated pace. From around 25% today, renewables will grow their share of global generation to around 50% by 2035 and to close to 75% by mid-century.

Source: McKinsey Energy Insights' Global Energy Perspective, January 2019

Renewable generation accounts for more than 50% of power supply post-2035, a clear trend break from historical fossil fuel-based generation

One of the biggest challenges in switching to renewable energy sources is integration into existing power systems. Renewable energy is often volatile and not constantly available, which poses a challenge to the stability of the power grid. Solving these challenges requires a combination of technology development, infrastructure investment, and smart grid planning.

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  • Solar Cells

    Emmission-free power generation through solar technology

    XENON offer automation solutions for a wide range of tasks along the value chain of a solar module.

    • wafer production
    • silicon recycling
    • back-end processes
    • thin-film solar modules

  • Power Electronics

    Integration into the power system

    Energy from green hydrogen will be integrated into the existing power system to stabilize the energy supply through renewable energy. We offer automation solutions for:

    • Testing and assembly of PCB, Inverter & IGBT's


Growing Demand for Power Electronics

In modern energy systems, power converters form the necessary link and connect photovoltaic and wind power plants, battery storage systems and electrolysers as well as electronic consumers and electric vehicles to the power grid. Power converters are increasingly being used to regulate power flows in the power grid, such as in HVDC or STATCOM systems.

Electrification in all areas of mobility, from electric cars to electric aviation, requires a variety of different types of power converters. In addition, the use of power electronics in industrial environments is enabling increasingly efficient production methods. Modern heat supply concepts are also increasingly being equipped with power electronic converters. The overall demand for power electronics and application-optimized system concepts is enormous.

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  • Rückseitenkontakt / Leiterplatte

    • Assembly
    • Testing

  • AR Beschichtung

    • Feeding
    • Assembly

  • Cover glass

    • Feeding
    • Dispensing
    • Printing
    • Joining
    • Handling
    • Positioning
    • Testing

  • Solar cell

    Front Contact N-type Semiconductor P-type Semiconductor

Application fields


  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles (CMV)
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Ships

ENERGY Storage

  • Emergency power generators
  • Welding equipment
  • Charging systems
  • Power supply for plants and machines


  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Energy and heat systems for homes
  • Industrial power supply

Automation and Assembly Portfolio

Power Input

Input Filter, Netzfilter, Input LC or LCL Filter,
Input Protection, Booster


DC-DC HF Converter, AC-DC Rectifier, Inverter, Power Modules - IGBT and Rectifier Modules, SiCPower-to-Power, Power-to-motion

Power Output

Output Filter, Output reactor, DC-Drosseln

Markets & Applications

Smart Grids

  • Smart Meter
  • Managing Energy


  • Converting and delivering Energy
  • Managing Energy

ENERGY Storage

  • Controlling Electric Motors
  • Charging systems
  • Power supply for plants and machines


  • Transforming the current
  • Modulating Voltage

Our key technologies for power electronics



Dispensing in vacuum
, 2C dispensing
Grease dispensing, Solder paste,Thermal paste dispensing


Press-fit connection, 
Contact assembly
Bonding, Welding, SolderingLaser plastic welding, Ultrasonic welding


PCB-Handling, Robot handling, Cam controlled handling, Electrical handling, Visual guided handling



Pin Measurement, Electrical Test, Optical Inspection, Functional Test, Continuity Test

Reference Projects

Assembly Machine for Solder Pins


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    Customer product

    IGBT Module

    Automation requirements

    • Handling of extremely thin material / flexible components
    • High precision in positioning the stack / individual layers
    • Mechanical centering of thin-walled fuel cells without rupture
    • Automated clamping/tensioning of the stack in the carrier
    • 100% quality and traceability

    Worldwide leading companies rely on XENON Automation solutions

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