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Assembly & inspection systems
for green energy solutions

In view of the increasing demand for energy and the global shortage of fossil resources, we as an industrial company must also act accordingly and make an active contribution to more sustainable development.

In doing so, we rely on the application of our many years of technology and process know-how across all industries. By transferring this knowledge, we can incorporate proven automation solutions into sophisticated future technologies.

In partnerships with leading research institutes, we continuously strive for optimized and innovative solutions for our customers.

Within the Energy segment, we bundle our product groups solar cells, electrolyzers/fuel cells and power electronics, which make a significant contribution to securing a regenerative future.

Global Power Generation

The role of renewable resources in power generation grows at an accelerated pace. From around 25% today, renewables will grow their share of global generation to around 50% by 2035 and to close to 75% by mid-century.

Source: McKinsey Energy Insights' Global Energy Perspective, January 2019

Renewable generation accounts for more than 50% of power supply post-2035, a clear trend break from historical fossil fuel-based generation

One of the biggest challenges in switching to renewable energy sources is integration into existing power systems. Renewable energy is often volatile and not constantly available, which poses a challenge to the stability of the power grid. Solving these challenges requires a combination of technology development, infrastructure investment, and smart grid planning.

Assembly and test automation for hydrogen energy generation and its entire value chain

Green e-hydrogen, gained through electrolysis from renewable energy sources,
is the key to a carbon-free energy transition.

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  • Solar Cells

    Emmission-free power generation through solar technology

    XENON offer automation solutions for a wide range of tasks along the value chain of a solar module.

    • wafer production
    • silicon recycling
    • back-end processes
    • thin-film solar modules

  • Electrolyzers

    Production of green hydrogen by electrolysis.

    We design and develop automation equipment for the series production of electrolyzers:

    • Component Production
    • Stack Assembly
    • System Assembly

  • Fuel Cells

    Production of green electrical energy by hydrogen.

    We design and develop automation equipment for the series production of fuel cells:

    • Component Production
    • Stack Assembly
    • System Assembly

  • Power Electronics

    Integration into the power system

    Energy from green hydrogen will be integrated into the existing power system to stabilize the energy supply through renewable energy. We offer automation solutions for:

    • Testing and assembly of PCB, Inverter & IGBT's



Turnkey Automation Solutions for Assembly and Testing

Power from renewable energy sources in Germany2022

(254 Mrd. kWh)

Almost 9% more than in 2021– TENDENCY RISING!

Worldwide leading companies rely on XENON Automation solutions

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