For a good cause

Since August, XENON has been supporting the foodsharing initiative, in which food that can still be used is saved from the dustbin. This initiative was founded in 2012 and is now widespread in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More than 200.000 food savers, as they call themselves, volunteer, collect and distribute food. In contrast to other organizations, where only packaged food is accepted, foodsharing also allows you to share ready-made dishes with others.

"I was sorry that we disposed of the remaining lunch from our own canteen, although the food was still good and others would have been happy about it," says Anke Bremmel, XENON's authorized signatory. "This is how the idea of finding a partner like foodsharing came about. After collection, the foodsavers take the food to different distribution stations. These include, for example, the for-free-shop and Café Malobeo, but also various house projects and facilities. The divider scene is organised via the platform and cooperates with the Dresdner Tafel.

All members of the foodsharing community work voluntarily and free of charge. Also in the future the initiative should remain free of charge, independent, free of advertising and non-commercial. Companies that would also like to sell surplus food can contact directly by E-Mail.