Birthday Party held for Employees

The day before Dragon Boat Festival, XENON Suzhou held a well-prepared birthday party for the employees who were born between April to June. This is a tradition to celebrate all employees’ birthday since the company was founded.

All employees gathered together in the canteen, sang birthday song for those birthday kids, and then shared cakes, fruits and cookies. In addition each birthday kid received a lucky-wish red-bag. Taking advantage of this opportunity three new employees introduced themselves and for the first time experienced the company’s intimate culture.

With the development of XENON dozens of birthday parties were held. Some left deep impressions in our minds.

One was in year 2014, our GM Peter Hammer drew a picture of dragon boat with all employees on the boat for the birthday kid Frank. It symbolized that all the employees were co-working harmoniously to develop the company. The significant picture was still kept in Frank’s office until today.

The other was in year 2018, the birthday kid Peter Li was so moved that he said something we could never forget:” I celebrate birthday at home only for my daughter after she was born. I even can’t remember my own birthday. Nobody else but XENON who reminds me of my day and prepared so elegant party for me. I feel so warm in XENON Big Family.” Loud applause was hovering in the air which showed all our voice.

That’s the original intention to hold birthday party for all employees, to work industriously, to live happily. Let all be proud as a member of XENON. (Ivy/VKä)